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Created on 2009-10-03 04:10:13 (#449319), last updated 2009-10-05 (415 weeks ago)

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Name:Magistream [at] DREAMWIDTH[dot]ORG
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Community description:Magistream

Magistream [at] DreamWidth
Miles away from the river of creatures, you spot a rather large hut filled with various rooms. Humans coming and going from room to room carrying either a youngling or an egg, tending to their every need. Intrigued, you decide to go inside to take a look around and see if others will help you tend to your younglings and eggs.


Be respectful to the owners and fellow caretakers.

Only post once every 24 hours. Please include any magistream related questions or information you think should be shared in your daily post instead of making a separate post.

Be sure to return the favor and click other peoples eggs/younglings too!

Do not post sprites from other sites here. This is for Magistream only!

Keep swearing to a minimum. Kids post here too so try to think of them.

Please do not post your adult creatures with your eggs and younglings. If you want to show off your adults, please link to your scroll instead.

You may post a to link your scroll, but do post your eggs along with it. They'll get more clicks that way.

You may only post other people's eggs if you have their permission.

Leave posts unlocked.

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